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Green Lantern

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Kyle is a freelance artist, living in New York City. While living in Los Angeles, Kyle was given the last power ring of the Guardians of the Universe by Ganthet, who promptly left. Soon after, he used his ring successfully against Ohm, a two-bit villian, and changed the original Green Lantern costume to the one we see today. Kyle later fought Mongul and saved a future Los Angeles from destruction during a Zero Hour incident. His life changed when his girlfriend Alex Dewitt was murdered by Major Force, who was hired by a secret organization to take Kyle's ring. Kyle was then caught up in the Zero Hour incident, where he, along with many other heroes, saved the universe from being rewritten by Hal Jordan, aka Parallax. Kyle was forced to destroy the planet Oa, the former home of the Guardians, to prevent Hal from getting any more power. Kyle moved to New York City following his outer space adventures and joined the New Titans. He also started a relationship with Donna Troy, a Darkstar, which has had its ups and downs. Kyle then went on a "Hero Quest" to seek out wisdom from Batman and Robin, Sentinel, Captain Marvel, and Wonder Woman on being a hero. After his battle with Grayven, Kyle enlisted the help of Connor Hawke (Green Arrow) to help find his own father. They were not able to find him, but a good friendship was made between the two. During the summer, Kyle and other superheroes were put under a spell by Dr. Destiny and the Knowman. After their defeat, the seven of them formed a new Justice League. Currently, Kyle is being hunted by Fatality, who has also stolen Kyle's power battery!