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The story:  Two sides battle for dominancy of the universe, the Kree and the Skrull. But on the planet Zenn-La, two such enemies meet to learn the peace and ways of Zenn-La. But just as peace seemed more reachable than ever, a greater force entered this sector of the universe, the mighty Galactus. And Galactus is heading straight for Zenn-La. The Watcher, wanting to see the philosophy of Zenn-La to survive warns Zenn-La, but there is no hope. The Master of Zenn-La tries to communicate with Galactus but is no use. The master of Zenn-la loses all hope and prepares for the end of his world. The two Kree and Skrull students don’t give up so easily. They try to attack Galactus’s ship, but it’s no use; they die trying to save Zenn-La. A young man by the name of Norrin Radd won’t give up either though. He calls out for Watcher, pleading for him to give him some way to stop Galactus. Watcher tells him of such away. Norrin Radd offers Galactus a deal. He will become Galactus’s herald in order for Galactus to spare Zenn-La. Galactus agrees. Norrin Radd then returns to Zenn-La, to say farewell to his love, Shalla-Bal. They ask him how he can help Galactus destroy so many worlds, but he tells him that he will only take Galactus to worlds with no life. Galactus summons Norrin Radd and he is transformed into the Silver Surfer. His body is transformed and filled with a portion of Galactus’s power, he is given a board in order to surf the spaceways and find new worlds for Galactus, and his mind is transformed so his duty to Galactus will not be blocked by his conscious, but he also has no memory of Shalla-Bal, Zenn La, and Norrin Radd. Until his confrontation with Thanos in the living planet, and with his powers he manages to unlock the lost memories which were stolen from Norrin Radd by Galactus. After that the Silver Surfer left Galactus to return to his home Zenn-La, but Galactus does not allow the Silver Surfer to return to Zenn-La, and transports the planet to different locations, however the Silver Surfer continues to search for Zenn-La and to return to his love Shalla-Bal and along his journey he helps the different creatures that he encounters to fight against tyrants, while he himself his persued and hated for the distruction of many home worlds while under the rule of Galactus. Now Galactus has a new herold who is a female from earth with mutant powers of transportation, who by accidentily transported onto the ship of Galactus and was transformed into Nova who controls the power of fire.