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Al Simmons was a Lt. Colonel, working as a black ops. operative / mercenary / killer, for agnecies like the CIA. During a mission he was assinated by his then friend Chapel. But the life of Al Simmons did not end there, because of his love for his wife Wanda, he made a deal with Malebolgia a.k.a. the devil. Selling his soul to be able to see his wife again. Although he did return to earth, it wasnīt quite as heīd expected. First of all five years had passed since he died, but most importantly, he was no longer a mere human being, he was a hellspawn !. Although possesing incredible powers, using them slowly deplets his hellpoints: the seemingly only limitation to his powers. The total depletion of the points, would mean his second death, and that means serving as a commander in hells army, not exactly a future worth looking forward to. Besides the powers, Spawn is equipped with a " living costume " or more specifically a neural parasite, which among other things helps him heal wounds, but apparantly also has a mind of its own. Since Simmons doesnīt seem to belong in his former excistence, heīs looking for a new purpose in his " life "....fighting injustice. But doing that, puts Spawn in a bit of a dilemma, as Malebolgia describes Spawns situation: " So you see my spawn from hell..I canīt lose. Itīs either the depletion of your power..which leads to your death..which leads to losing your soul to the darkness...and simultaneously killing the so called bad guys, which helps build my army that much do nothing ! Just stand by and let the evil and ugliness prosper here on earth. While your emotions grow colder as you justify to yourself why you neednīt do anything to those, who prey on the innocent. ". ...What a predicament !